Customized Case Management

LegalServer is a configurable web-based platform that dynamically responds to the complex, rapidly changing challenges of providing quality, effective advocacy to the most vulnerable among us. Whether it is collecting important case data, measuring goals, outcomes and financial benefits, or easily capturing emails, documents and case activities, LegalServer is a tool that helps advocates effectively manage their caseloads

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  • Integrated Timekeeping
  • Store Documents and Case Notes
  • Schedule Events, Tasks and Deadlines
  • Integrated Email
  • SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Log Case Activities
  • Create Case Activity Presets (Calendar Based Rules)
  • Identify Case Goals and Objectives
  • Measure Case Outcomes and Financial Benefits
  • Track Level of Service
  • Case Referrals and E-Transfer
  • Litigation Information
  • Trust Account/Expense
  • Dynamic (Configurable) Case Profiles

Page Level Customization

LegalServer provides an intuitive interface to allow administrators to customize data blocks, header and tab labels and more. The arrangement of data blocks may also be re-positioned on the page.

page level customization screenshot

  • Customize page module layouts
  • Edit field headers
  • Edit module tab labels
  • Edit instructional messaging

Field Management & Creation

LegalServer stores common core information in a set of pre-defined data fields. Additionally, administrators may create site-specific fields using tools within the application.

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  • field creation screenshot
  • Customize page module layouts
  • Create new field for a given module
  • Define the field type (data, text, dropdown, etc.)
  • Name the field

Client Intake & Qualification

LegalServer includes tools for client intake and qualification that can be configured to best match your specific client/case data entry workflow and processes. The following modules listed below are included in LegalServer; however, you may not require each module.

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  • client qualification screenshot
  • Dynamic client/case intake
  • Dynamic branch logic
  • Client contact & demographic data collection
  • Centralized conflict search
  • Adverse party information
  • Household member
  • Client eligibility & qualification
  • Financial information & eligibility
  • Citizenship/immigration status
  • Case notes
  • Case specific questions & forms
  • Case disposition
  • Tracking funding codes on a case
  • Instructions/reference


LegalServer provides an advanced suite of tools to track individual time, including client time, non- client time and pro bono advocate’s time. The timekeeping log also shows users significant information about each time entry, including client name, case ID, outreach name/ID, funding code and time spent.

timekeeping screenshot

  • Dynamic timekeeping suite
  • Track different time categories
  • Timekeeping log

Grant Management

This module allows administrators to set grant requirements, which are then checked in the system prior to billing activity to that grant. A ledger is also created for each grant, reporting all activity, dollar amount of each activity and the current balance of the account. Administrators may set and track monthly goals for a fund, and set alerts to warn them if the grant is reaching capacity.

  • grant management screenshot
  • grant management reports screenshot
  • Grant restrictions (case, time & outreach)
  • Grant allocations/billing to a grant
  • Grant manager/oversight
  • Grant matrix report
  • Integration with external accounting packages

Calendar & Scheduling

The calendar provides a centralized way to schedule appointments, tasks and deadlines. Calendar items are organized by office, program and users and can be associated to cases, outreaches and grants. Users may also email items and set reminders for events.

  • calendar screenshot
  • scheduling screenshot
  • Customizable calendar
  • Calendar groups
  • Appointment screening & scheduling
  • Integration with external calendars using the iCal standard
  • Integration with Exchange Server 2010


End-Users are able to easily generate data and analytics using LegalServer's custom reporting tools. Users can build custom reports, choose which fields to filter and display and their desired output format (tabular data, data visualizations, data comparisons, summations, multi-level cross-tab reports, as well as CSV or XML outputs). All reports can be exported from LegalServer into MS Excel format.

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  • reports 2 screenshot
  • reports 3 screenshot
  • Accessible to all users
  • Internal & external (funder) reports
  • Ease to use
  • Save common & favorite reports
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Schedule Reports to run and emailed
  • Restrict who can access reports, including where (e.g., only within your office)
  • Embed reports and graphs on user dashboards
  • Exceptions Reporting

Document Management

Users can easily attach and view documents within cases, outreaches and grant records within LegalServer. Because LegalServer is web-based, users are able to access important documents regardless of their location (in court, at home, in the office, etc.) and independent of device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). Additionally, end-users see a list of (filtered) recommended documents or self-help document based on a specific criteria such as type of case or geographic location.

  • document 1 screenshot
  • document 2 screenshot
  • Centralized document management
  • Customized folder and sub-folder structure (based on type of case)
  • Document assembly, including integration with HotDocs and Law Help Interactive
  • Email templates
  • Immigration forms
  • Self-help/publications
  • Integration with statewide self-help sites such as ProBono.Net or Illinois Legal Aid Online
  • Integration with MS SharePoint

Pro Bono Management

LegalServer provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage an organization’s pro bono activities. Programs can manage important information about every volunteer, including the types of cases they handle, number of cases taken, cases open, donations and communications. Agencies may also track time spent by each pro bono attorney, and billing information, such as the amount allocated, amount billed, and the amount that has not yet been spent.

  • pro-bono 1 screenshot
  • pro-bono 2 screenshot
  • Comprehensive pro bono management tools
  • Track CLE Trainings and Case Obligations
  • Generate pro bono packets
  • Pro bono timekeeping (individual and organization)
  • Contract attorney and billing
  • Integration with organizations
  • Pro Bono Opportunities (internal and external)
  • Automatically send PB Status Update Requests
  • Free accounts for PB (Restricted Access) users
  • Track Referral Attempts by case and volunteer
  • Record financial donations and pledges by volunteer
  • Integrated volunteer communication tracking

Integrated Communication Tools

LegalServer integrates with various communication tools such as email (to and from), SMS Text Messaging, and VOIP Telephone Integration. These integrations also track the method, message and status of each communication for users, contracts and cases.

  • communication 1 screenshot
  • communication 2 screenshot
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Email Integration (to and from)
  • VOIP Telephone Integration
  • Voicemail Integration
  • Integrated web-messaging

Non-Client Matters

Manage outside activities such as outreach campaigns, trainings or presentations. Track matters reporting codes as well as brochures distributed. Also track bulk referrals and run matters reports.

non client matters screenshot

  • Presentations database
  • Bulk matters referrals
  • Matter reports

What is LegalServer

LegalServer is recognized as the leading case management solution for civil and criminal legal aid.

With its web-based platform, LegalServer is easily configured to provide a stable, secure and highly scalable platform to meet the exact needs of your organization, integrating every aspect tied to a case.

Whether you are managing cases, volunteers, documents or funding, the efficiencies created by LegalServer allow you to focus on providing superior assistance without being burdened by technology issues.

Why LegalServer

LegalServer is not just another repository for case data but a user-friendly platform to improve workflow and get insights into your data to make more informed decisions faster.

Designed to improve the effectiveness of data collection and action by enhancing the process by which data is collected, stored, used and reported.

Facilitate better communication, collaboration and reporting among staff, volunteers and funders.

Many LegalServer personnel are attorneys who have hands on experience working in legal aid, taking a powerful case management system and optimally configuring it to you.

Request a demo today and see what LegalServer is all about.

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