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LegalServer Feature


LegalServer provides agencies the ability to track a wide variety of case outcomes.

In addition to specific outcomes, create categories of outcomes (primary, secondary, and tertiary, for example), track financial outcomes (including amounts and frequency of monetary outcomes), and record multiple outcomes for the same case.

  • Adds configurable filters to the outcomes block, giving you significant control over the outcomes available for each case
  • Adds category groups as an additional way to classify and track outcomes
  • Allows you to add more than one type of monetary value to a single outcome
  • Gives users a date picker for entering outcome dates

“One of the most valuable features with LegalServer Outcomes is being able to keep track of multiple financial outcomes for a single case, and then have everything available for funders in one quick and easy report.”

Headshot of Christopher Schwartz, Esq..
Christopher Schwartz, Esq.
Deputy Director, Legal Hotline, City Bar Justice Center