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LegalServer Feature

Pro Bono Management

LegalServer provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage an organization’s pro bono activities.

Programs can manage important information about every volunteer, including the types of cases they handle, number of cases taken, cases open, and communications. Establish access rights you control for pro bono attorneys to log-in and only see the cases they are working, logging time and updating important case information where appropriate.

The LegalServer Pro Bono Opportunities Module allows pro bono advocates that log in to LegalServer to see cases staff have marked as opportunities that match their user profile. They can view a brief description of a case (supplied by staff), see parties’ names to run conflict checks, and if they confirm there is no conflict, they can see additional information (supplied by staff). They can express interest in a case, or take the case (assign it to themselves) if staff have given them that permission.

  • Free accounts for pro bono (Restricted Access) users
  • Comprehensive pro bono management tools
  • Track CLE Trainings and Case Obligations
  • Generate pro bono packets
  • Pro bono timekeeping (individual and organization)
  • Integration with organizations
  • Pro Bono Opportunities (internal and external)
  • Automatically send pro bono Status Update Requests
  • Track Referral Attempts by case and volunteer
  • Integrated volunteer communication tracking
  • Pro Bono Opportunities API
  • Assignment process that identifies relevant attorneys based on problem code and county