We approaches every project with one overriding goal: it is absolutely critical that every implementation of LegalServer is successful! Based on our years of experience working in legal aid community, we understand that in addition to developing robust and stable technology, the success of a project directly correlates to the ability to properly manage “change” within an organization. Consequently, our methodology integrates aspects of change management at every level of the implementation process.

Our methodology also recognizes that every organization is unique – each with its own workflow and data collection requirements. As such, we spend significant time with each organization to understand (and help them understand) their specific needs. As we learn more about them, we educate them regarding how LegalServer creates efficiencies to address those needs and tailor the system to their workflow.

Data Analysis & Migration (Documentation)

Assuming that an organization requires data to be migrated (not included in standard pricing), we will engage in the Data Analysis & Migration phase. At the onset of the project, GAPDC will provide PSTI with an exact copy of the data that needs to be migrated. For all intents and purposes, the data should be an exact copy with regards to its form and structure (what we are trying to avoid writing the data migration scripts and having the structure change before we run the final migration).

Report Analysis

GAPDC will provide PSTI a list of their common reports, including information about how each report is generated, the purpose of the report and what filters and data options are needed. PSTI will work with GAPDC’s Organizational Representatives to analyze and document their reports such similar reports can be built in LegalServer. Report Analysis might provide insights on data that may need to be marked for Interview & Discovery, which means that it will need to be discussed to see if any additional development needs to be done.

Interview & Discovery

The Interview & Discovery Phase affords Organizational Representatives a chance to examine their organizational processes as well as learn specifically how LegalServer can be applied to complement or enhance such business processes.

Programming Phase

If additional development is needed to provide extra functionality to LegalServer, it will be done during the Programming Phase (assuming GAPDC decides to purchase it). The Programing Phase applies what was learned during Interview & Discovery to enhance the LegalServer Platform for your specific needs. GAPDC will receive a timeline and progress report on a weekly basis that shows the exact status of the project and what tasks have been accomplished during the week.

Quality Assurance Phase

During Interview & Discovery, a specifications sheet will be created. In the QA phase the specifications document will be used as a reference point for the QA team (comprised of PSTI staff and GAPDC staff) to thoroughly test the application. If any bugs are found, users will submit a "Support Request" or otherwise report it to the Project Manager.


As we near the end of the process, GAPDC ‘s design team will have significant exposure to LegalServer and will ultimately feel more comfortable with the application. However, all users will need to be trained, especially within their area of concentration (i.e., their role in the organization). We conduct training to all users through multiple methods, including online training, online help tutorials and in person training. We also provide follow-up guidance to introduce more complex functions of LegalServer and to answer general questions that arise after using the system for some time.

Launch (GoLive!)

One of the last steps is to launch LegalServer – where the organization moves from a demo environment to a production environment. We often refer to this phase as: “GoLive!” We provide staff to assist them while they use the application for the first time. We also provide additional programmers to address any issue that arise that week (this provides additional support for them to address any immediate issues in a timely manner).

Ongoing Support & Training

Our involvement with your organization does not stop with GoLive! We continue our relationship through ongoing support and training. As with any software application, there is a learning curve in which people will become more comfortable with the software. As they begin to use LegalServer more and become more familiar with it, they will generate new questions about how or when to do something. We host both weekly and monthly live online training events which your staff can attend at no charge. Also, our support helpline is beneficial for questions that may come up from time to time.

What is LegalServer

LegalServer is recognized as the leading case management solution for civil and criminal legal aid.

With its web-based platform, LegalServer is easily configured to provide a stable, secure and highly scalable platform to meet the exact needs of your organization, integrating every aspect tied to a case.

Whether you are managing cases, volunteers, documents or funding, the efficiencies created by LegalServer allow you to focus on providing superior assistance without being burdened by technology issues.

Why LegalServer

LegalServer is not just another repository for case data but a user-friendly platform to improve workflow and get insights into your data to make more informed decisions faster.

Designed to improve the effectiveness of data collection and action by enhancing the process by which data is collected, stored, used and reported.

Facilitate better communication, collaboration and reporting among staff, volunteers and funders.

Many LegalServer personnel are attorneys who have hands on experience working in legal aid, taking a powerful case management system and optimally configuring it to you.

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