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Why LegalServer

LegalServer is a leader in technology solutions for those who provide legal assistance to low income and vulnerable populations, and therefore understands the nuances, complexities, and challenges present within this unique legal service delivery model. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law.

We know that you want to make a difference in society and help people who cannot afford legal representation or those marginalized by another person, institution or organization. To optimize great legal services, advocates need a case management platform that can simplify and organize work.

Case information presented in a user friendly and intuitive way not only saves time but helps for making more informed decisions faster. The LegalServer time savings calculator shows how you can seize more control.

We understand ways technology can slow down the importance of your work which is why with over 350 implementations of LegalServer since 2002, we have a proven process for a positive transformation.

We’re here to help

LegalServer staff have decades of combined experience applying technology solutions for attorneys who help society. Our encouraging and compassionate team will help you improve your processes while enabling you to configure LegalServer to match the way you desire operating.

Who we serve

As an innovator in providing technology solutions to non-profit civil legal aid, public defenders, cities and counties, we understand the nuances, complexities, and challenges present within the unique legal service delivery model in each of these domains.

LegalServer key characteristics

With a robust set of modular capabilities to leverage, LegalServer can be easily configured to more closely conform to the preferred workflow of the organization. Initially deployed by working closely with LegalServer onboarding experts, features and modules can be easily added and updated by the organization over time using LegalServer’s robust Administration Tools.

LegalServer software on a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.

The process for getting started with LegalServer was so easy. The customer service and attentiveness is a refreshing improvement.

Headshot of Sharon Brown.
Sharon Brown, Director of Operations
Kalamazoo Defender

LegalServer is easy to administer and customize in-house to meet our specific needs. We easily onboard new users without heavy investments in training.

Headshot of Christopher M. Jones.
Christopher M. Jones, Executive Director
Florida Legal Services, Inc.

LegalServer clients are making a difference

With over 350 implementations since 2002, each day LegalServer helps thousands of attorneys manage tens of thousands of cases.

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Time Savings Calculator

LegalServer’s time-saving features allow organizations to eliminate many manual tasks by streamlining and automating as much of their workflows as possible.

800 Hours of potential annual time savings with LegalServer

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