LegalServer is a leader working only within the indigent legal justice community and therefore understands the nuances, complexities, and challenges present within the legal service delivery model. Our staff of attorneys understand the needs for managing the life cycle of a case and helping:

  • Modernize antiquated systems
  • Easily capture, manage and report on all necessary case data
  • Receive great value with the latest in technological capability at a reasonable price
  • Increase case load without adding staff through automated intelligence and smarter forecasting
  • Configure to the way you need to operate, improving process

LegalServer's Web-based access, user-friendliness and easy navigation simplifies workflow for any legal process imaginable. Our flexible reporting tools allow for a robust overview of case status and case assignments for the Public Defender's office as a whole, or by division, branch, or location. In addition, our detailed reports serve the needs of each business unit, as well as individual attorneys, to keep track of their cases and upcoming actions and deadlines.

Non-technical administrative staff can easily make site changes without needing to write computer code. Create or build a report in real time without needing a report writer or technical involvement.

LegalServer will allow you to take reporting and case management to a whole new level to better track work, costs, and ensure service delivery to clients in an efficient manner within an effective and secure system.

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Benefits of using LegalServer

  • Intuitively designed interface
  • Administrative simplicity to make changes and customizations via a variety of built-in tools
  • Centralized repository to easily manage and search for information across users and clients
  • Simple to navigate
  • Intelligent search
  • Easily capture, manage and report on all necessary case data
  • Create unique roles that can be customized to grant or limit access to appropriate data or functionality within the application
  • Secure remote access via the Internet
  • Accessible through standard Internet browser
  • No software to install on your computer
  • Eliminate CMS desktop maintenance
  • Centralized data storage and searching regardless of physical location
  • Secure, stable and scalable platform
  • Attorneys on staff to help manage onboarding, process improvement and data migration
  • Dedicated full-service team of database engineers, support staff and IT managers
  • Free recurring trainings seminars
  • Online support and help manual
  • Integrating/connecting the larger legal aid community
  • Modernize antiquated systems
  • Configured to the way you need to operate, improving process
  • Implemented in hundreds of organizations
  • Designed with a flexible application programming interface (API) architecture
  • Measure, track, and analyze information and individual results/statistics in real-time
  • Showcase performance and outcomes with dashboards and reports
  • Support for multiple case types

Public Defender agencies that use LegalServer

Leveraging cutting edge technology, the LegalServer-PD platform enhances case ​management​ for public defenders as they provide meaningful representation to indigent populations facing criminal charges.

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What is LegalServer

LegalServer is recognized as the leading case management solution for civil and criminal legal aid.

With its web-based platform, LegalServer is easily configured to provide a stable, secure and highly scalable platform to meet the exact needs of your organization, integrating every aspect tied to a case.

Whether you are managing cases, volunteers, documents or funding, the efficiencies created by LegalServer allow you to focus on providing superior assistance without being burdened by technology issues.

Why LegalServer

LegalServer is not just another repository for case data but a user-friendly platform to improve workflow and get insights into your data to make more informed decisions faster.

Designed to improve the effectiveness of data collection and action by enhancing the process by which data is collected, stored, used and reported.

Facilitate better communication, collaboration and reporting among staff, volunteers and funders.

Many LegalServer personnel are attorneys who have hands on experience working in legal aid, taking a powerful case management system and optimally configuring it to you.

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