Equal Employment Opportunity Division/Department case management software automates manual processes with built-in reporting to demonstrate compliance with laws and policies. Manage cases more effectively for discrimination/harassment complaints from employees and applicants for employment. City and county law departments benefit from LegalServer's robust tools to handle any legal matter, creating a more inclusive and equitable environment where everyone is valued.

  • Contribute to a harmonious work environment where staff can be happier, healthier and productive
  • Foster a spirit of caring, collaboration and commitment through fair and transparent services
  • Manage cases for discrimination and complaints in employment, housing, public accommodations, people with disabilities
  • Support the development of healthy conflict resolution practices at individual, interpersonal and institutional levels

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LegalServer key characteristics

Benefits of using LegalServer

  • Project conducted remotely - no onsite meetings needed
  • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist to lead a successful deployment
  • Proven methodology for working collaboratively during set-up
  • Weekly site configuration assistance with minimal time commitments
  • Careful and precise data migration
  • Detailed system training
  • Intuitively designed interface
  • Simple to navigate
  • Administrative simplicity to make changes and customizations via a variety of built-in tools
  • Centralized repository to easily manage information across users and clients
  • Intelligent search
  • Easily capture, manage and report on all necessary case data
  • Create unique roles that can be customized to grant or limit access to appropriate data or functionality within the application
  • Secure remote access via the Internet
  • Accessible through standard Internet browser
  • No software to install on your computer
  • Eliminate CMS desktop maintenance
  • Centralized data storage and searching regardless of physical location
  • Secure, stable and scalable platform
  • Attorneys on staff to help manage onboarding, process improvement and data migration
  • Dedicated full-service team of database engineers, support staff and IT managers
  • Free recurring trainings seminars
  • Online support and help manual
  • Collaborative user community
  • Modernize antiquated systems
  • Configured to the way you need to operate, improving process
  • Implemented in hundreds of organizations
  • Designed with a flexible application programming interface (API) architecture
  • Measure, track, and analyze information and individual results/statistics in real-time
  • Showcase performance and outcomes with dashboards and reports
  • Support for multiple case types
  • Tracy Pappas headshot
    LegalServer is helping my practice become more paperless.
    Tracy Pappas
    Managing Attorney
  • M. Brian Miles headshot
    We’re getting great value for what we paid for LegalServer. They provided very attractive pricing that met our budgetary constraints.
    M. Brian Miles
    Managing Public Defender
  • Tom Frohman headshot
    Legalserver’s ease of use is impressive.
    Tom Frohman
    Managing Attorney
  • Peter James headshot
    Working with LegalServer's onboarding team greatly improved our transition to the new system. They were always responsive, flexible and ready to find creative solutions. As a result, we had a smooth transition to LegalServer and feel set up for success in the future.
    Peter James
    Senior Manager of Research & Evaluation

Why LegalServer

LegalServer is a leader in technology solutions for those who provide legal assistance to low income and vulnerable populations, and therefore understands the nuances, complexities, and challenges present within this unique legal service delivery model. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law.

We know that you want to make a difference in society and help people who cannot afford legal representation or those marginalized by another person, institution or organization. To optimize great legal services, advocates need a case management platform that can simplify and organize work.

Case information presented in a user friendly and intuitive way not only saves time but helps for making more informed decisions faster. The LegalServer time savings calculator shows how you can seize more control.

We understand ways technology can slow down the importance of your work which is why with over 300 implementations of LegalServer since 2002, we have a proven process for a positive transformation.

LegalServer staff have decades of combined experience applying technology solutions for attorneys who help society. Our encouraging and compassionate team will help you improve your processes while enabling you to configure LegalServer to match the way you desire operating.

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Cities and Counties using LegalServer

LegalServer understands the nuances, complexities, and challenges cities and counties face in delivering legal services. Whatever type of legal case a city or county is managing, the efficiencies created by LegalServer allow users to focus on providing superior legal assistance through technology.

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Mark Pando headshot
LegalServer's report capabilities make it easy to track the progress of our cases and identify trends. Additionally, LegalServer has made us more efficient by having entire case information one mouse click away.
Mark Pando
EEO Officer

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