2016 LegalServer Training Schedule

December 22, 2015

We are excited to announce our 2016 LegalServer Training Schedule, building off the regular weekly trainings we’ve been offering. Each Tuesday at 1pm ET/ noon CT/ 11am MT and 10am PT our staff will hold a one hour training on a variety of topics.

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Because agencies often have a variety of reporting needs that come up throughout the year, each month starts with a session dedicated to running reports. We will also offer trainings for new administrators four times this year- January, April, July and October- as well as new users in February, May, August and November. Our schedule includes trainings on core features for both administrators and users on modules such as the calendaring feature, documents and templates, clinics and outreaches as well as other topics relevant to others throughout the year.

New this year are community calls, a time for the LegalServer community to come together and talk about common topics that are relevant to their work. This year we will host five such calls on topics such as LSC/CSR compliance, reporting to VERA and ORR, collecting sensitive data and others.


We host free webinar training to cover both beginner and advanced LegalServer topics.

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Customized Case Management

Using LegalServer's suite of intuitive and customizable tools, agencies instantly configure their CMS to meet challenges of rapidly-evolving data and case management requirements.

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Reports, Data Visualization & Analytics

Don't just store data -- Leverage Data. Beyond reporting statistical data for funders, LegalServer allows agencies to synthesize, analyze, visualize and predict based on various sets of data routinely collected within the CMS.

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External Integration

LegalServer integrates the power of various applications used throughout the legal aid community into a single, unified system that quickly, securely and easily shares resources and data to more effectively deliver legal services.

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