Los Angeles-based Bet Tzedek Legal Services provides free legal services to low-income residents across the nation’s largest metropolitan area. Their impact on the community is enormous, helping over 40,000 clients speaking 30 languages via more than 1,300 volunteers across 120+ intake sites each year.

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However, these heroic efforts were being hampered by an all-too-common factor in the legal world: bad case management software. “Our inability to customize, and the fact that the program we were using kept us tied to our office server, both of these things really limited our options,” says Diego Cartagena, President & CEO of Bet Tzedek Legal Services.

That’s why Bet Tzedek turned to LegalServer. A tailored software implementation with easy-to-run reports has been a major time saver, Cartagena notes. “Being able to easily create and run reports means we have an easier time responding to funder requests for data and measuring our effectiveness and efficiency,” he says.

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Our programs are always changing, and there is always some new piece of data we want to collect. Being able to easily customize LegalServer ourselves allows us to remain nimble and responsive to attorney and client needs.
Diego Cartagena
President & CEO

Wrangling Bet Tzedek’s many departments - once difficult to manage - is now simplified. “Each program’s needs are being met,” Cartagena explains. “They also appreciate the fact that management is able to meet their needs through customization, and are better able to respond to staff requests.”

Across over 100 sites in the Los Angeles area, Cartagena says LegalServer is always there when his advocates need it. “We can serve our clients, anywhere! Now attorneys that are out in the field can enter their data immediately, thus reducing the need for admin staff and time at the office.”

While his staff is armed with specialized tools to amplify advocacy, Cartagena is also happy with LegalServer’s back-end grant reporting features. “It is a game changer, the amount of data we can collect and the various ways in which we can report it,” he concludes.

Better software, better advocacy. With LegalServer, Cartagena and his dedicated colleagues are making an even bigger difference in their community, where a multitude of seniors, immigrants, workers, disabled people, and other low-income residents are poised to benefit.

The LegalServer team is proud to help Bet Tzedek and hundreds of other legal organizations serving those that need help the most. Contact us today to see how our software is empowering attorneys across the country.