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LegalServer Feature

Customized Case Management

LegalServer is a highly configurable web-based platform that dynamically responds to the complex, rapidly changing challenges of providing quality, effective advocacy.

LegalServer’s intuitive web interface provides a robust suite of modules and tools to manage all aspects of a case with flexibility to customize the system to fit your organization’s needs.

With one click users can view and update cases, tasks, deadlines, assignments, events, reports etc., in a friendly manner to optimize managing daily work.

  • We help configure the system to the way you desire operating, improving process
  • Categorize and easily assign cases
  • Built-in reporting to graphically see any data entered in the system
  • Improve visibility into attorney workloads
  • Automate workflows
  • Within a case see associated discovery, documents, video / audio files, and emails
  • Email to or from a case with a unique email assigned to each case
  • Access case information and files regardless of location (office, home, court, jail) on any device (phone, tablet, computer)

Legalserver’s ease of use is impressive.

Headshot of Tom Frohman.
Tom Frohman, Managing Attorney
Indiana Legal Services

We’ve customized our Home Page for work groups to see specific information pertinent to their cases. Built-in reports are configured precisely to the data elements we need to provide funders, managers, and staff.

Headshot of Vivian R. Hessel, J.D..
Vivian R. Hessel, J.D., Chief Information Officer
Legal Aid Chicago