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Product Feature

Client Intake & Qualification

LegalServer includes tools for client intake and qualification that can be configured to best match your specific client/case data entry workflow and processes.

Optional online intake with language translation capability to add to an existing public website. Prescreen allows you to do a pre-eligibility check before starting an actual intake process, keeping a record of each applicant. Branch logic configurations help in asking for data that is relevant based on what the user has already entered.

  • Dynamic client/case intake
  • Dynamic branch logic allowing different questions to be asked based on previous answers
  • Centralized conflict search on clients, adverse parties, and non-adverse parties
  • Conflict checking includes looks like/sounds like searching and a nickname database
  • Adverse party information
  • Ability to add household member information
  • Client eligibility & qualification
  • Citizenship/immigration status
  • Case notes
  • Case specific questions & forms to capture additional information about specific types of cases
  • Help text to guide a user through process
  • Client contact & demographic data collection
  • Address confirmation with the US Postal Service Address Validation API

“Caseworkers are benefiting from having the poverty level assessment tool and the conflict check function. These features expedite processes we were previously doing manually.”

Headshot of Christy Sobolik.
Christy Sobolik
Engagement Coordinator, New Mexico Immigrant Law Center