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A New Era for Disability Rights Case Management

Founded in 1975, Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) champions the civil rights of people with disabilities, as well as those affected by cancer.

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DRLC serves over 4,000 Clients each year with its advocacy, education, and outreach efforts, and estimates that 3.5 million people can benefit annually from its class action litigation. Until recently, however, DRLC faced an all-too-common problem: bad case management software.

Ramping Up Productivity

DRLC’s legacy system lacked both speed and flexibility, as even small adjustments would cause negative downstream impact. Deploying LegalServer, a web-based case management system with specialized tools for disability rights, has made a big difference.

“One of our major issues with our previous software was the speed, the system was really slow,” says Anabel Prudencio, Manager of Administration at DRLC. “Because LegalServer is cloud based, accessing the database has been super easy.”

The software upgrade has led to significant productivity gains, Prudencio notes.

Staff productivity has increased, as they can complete processes much faster than before, because they spend less time troubleshooting or working with a slow database. Running reports is so much easier and faster.

Headshot of Anabel Prudencio.
Anabel Prudencio, Manager of Administration
Disability Rights Legal Center

DRLC can now easily modify, enhance, and update the system with non-technical resources through the LegalServer administrative portal.

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Being able to work on the back end ourselves when we need to change something and customize or update our database ourselves saves time and gives us more autonomy over our process.

Headshot of Justin Reissman.
Justin Reissman, Outreach Paralegal
Disability Rights Legal Center

Support & Service Are Key

Working in close collaboration with LegalServer staff, DRLC’s transition has been simple and straightforward.

“The LegalServer staff involved during the onboarding process benefited us tremendously,” says Prudencio. “The support staff is really knowledgeable and when we submit support request tickets the response is quick.”

Self-service is a time saver, too. “The support videos and help site are also very helpful. Being able to submit a ticket directly through LegalServer and link to the exact issue saves time and helps us resolve problems quickly and efficiently,” Prudencio concludes.

With speed, flexibility, service, and support, LegalServer is helping Disability Rights Legal Center do their best work. To see how better case management software can impact your organization, reach out to us.