January 2017 LegalServer Roundup

January 03, 2017

Joining LegalServer

In December, we welcomed the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program to the LegalServer onboarding process. SDVLP works to meet the needs of vulnerable San Diego residents through the hard work volunteer attorneys.


Going Live

In December we saw Human Rights Initiative and LenoxHill go live on LegalServer. Human Rights Initiative of North Texas provides legal and support services to human rights abuse survivors, as well as advocating for justice and human rights. LenoxHill Neighborhood House employs a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to legal services for low income residents of New York City.

hrionline lenoxhill

This month, we look forward to launching Cresent Care Legal Services on LegalServer. Crescent Care is based out of New Orleans and Baton Rouge and provides legal services to low-income individuals living with HIV and AIDS.


We are excited to announce our 2017 Training Calendar! You can subscribe to the Training Calendar through your existing calendaring system, just as you would any other external calendar.

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This month we are focusing on Running/Building Reports, New User Navigation on LegalServer and LegalServer’s SMS Capacity on our Tuesday Trainings. We will also hold our monthly open Q&A session for admins and report builders on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Our community call topic is LCS/CSR Compliance this month on the last Tuesday in January, please come with your questions and thoughts!


Last month we saw four weekly code releases on the LegalServer platform and over 200 tickets closed. Much of that work was specific to individual programs and data migrations, but you might have noticed some changes. Citizenship status can now appear in the family information block (citizenship by person).

For SMS users, we continue to add features to LegalServer’s relatively new SMS tool. You can now cancel messages that were scheduled to be sent in the future.

Our team has been diving in to update immigration forms, and now has a bigger job with a slew of new forms announced last week.

As many administrators know, there are several ways to connect cases in LegalServer.

All that is background to let you know that as of this month, when you are looking at case A and tag case A as being related to case B, that newly created connection should be visible in case B. Read that slowly and it will make sense, we promise!

Other News

We are looking forward to seeing many of our partners at the LSC TIG conference in San Antonio in January. Lots of our great partners are presenting, so take a gander at the schedule.


We host free webinar training to cover both beginner and advanced LegalServer topics.

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case management screenshot

Customized Case Management

Using LegalServer's suite of intuitive and customizable tools, organizations instantly configure their CMS to meet challenges of rapidly-evolving data and case management requirements.

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Reports, Data Visualization & Analytics

Don't just store data -- Leverage Data. Beyond reporting statistical data for funders, LegalServer allows agencies to synthesize, analyze, visualize and predict based on various sets of data routinely collected within the CMS.

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External Integration

LegalServer integrates the power of various applications used throughout the legal aid community into a single, unified system that quickly, securely and easily shares resources and data to more effectively deliver legal services.

Who We Are

Since 2001, LegalServer has been helping the legal aid community do more with less with the most comprehensive web-based case management system on the market. Besides learning over the years from our clients on refining common requirements for better case handling, LegalServer personnel have over 50 years of hands on experience working at non-profit legal aid agencies.

Who We Serve

Pro Bono Agencies

Understanding that pro bono attorneys provide vital legal services to thousands of the most vulnerable residents in their community, LegalServer continues to advance the important goals of volunteerism.

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Client Selection

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Law Schools & Universities

With modules written specifically to assist professors and students, LegalServer is utilized by some of the largest universities in the United States.

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Immigration Clinics

Nonprofit immigration clinics provide critical services to vulnerable low-income immigrants who (often) desperately need assistance navigating the complexities of our legal system.

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Funding Agencies

LegalServer is not just for legal service providers anymore! LegalServer is now being utilized by funders such as IOLTA agencies and bar foundations to manage their funds as well as the communities they support.

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Public Defenders

Leveraging cutting edge technology, the LegalServer-PD platform enhances case ​management​ for public defenders as they provide meaningful representation to indigent populations facing criminal charges.

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