Legalserver Hosts Successful National Leadership and Site Administrator Training Event in NYC

October 08, 2015

A successful training event was held in New York City from September 29 to 31, 2015 for a number of software administrators and management level personnel using LegalServer, our web-based software, to help manage customers’ clients, volunteers, intakes, and reporting features. Three days of in-depth sessions, including LegalServer new features training conducted by Ron Wilhoite and Jeff Hogue, was held at the New York Bar Association, New York City, NY.

A number of key administrators who are charged with the responsibility of managing LegalServer at their respective organizations participated in the event throughout the country, including Molly French, Technology Unit Manager at Colorado Legal Services and Lynne M. Hiortdahl, Chief Financial & Operations Officer at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County.

Training sessions on the new LegalServer features such as Language Support, Outcomes V.2, SMS Text Messaging, Reporting and Online Intake upgrades were demonstrated on the first day of training. The second day was divided into beginner and advanced training sessions. Some of the beginner operations included an overview of various tools, pro bono features, and outcomes.

pro-bono 1 screenshot

LegalServer also provided participants with advanced application training, allowing administrators to better support their respective organizations with troubleshooting and support.

“[It was useful] going over some of the features we've been underutilizing/ignoring while getting the basics of the system up and operable,” said one participant.

Another participant said, “It gave me more confidence in my abilities to explore functions and tabs.”

The final day consisted of Leadership Training, which addressed general challenges for organizations, such as doing more with less, measuring cases and case work, operations and staff. LegalServer experts helped management level participants show how reporting features could be used as key performance metrics as determined by the goals of a program.

Other topics included security and technology integration points (TIP). LegalServer experts and management level participants discussed TIP solutions such as online intake features, including live help, document upload and automation, text message confirmation, and volunteer management.

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IV Ashton, President and Founder of PSTI, comments, “In an effort to support our customers and their site administrators throughout the country, this event was highly effective and successful. The feedback from the sessions will equip our team with improved services as we prepare for 2016. We are committed to the success of our customers.”


We host free webinar training to cover both beginner and advanced LegalServer topics.

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Customized Case Management

Using LegalServer's suite of intuitive and customizable tools, agencies instantly configure their CMS to meet challenges of rapidly-evolving data and case management requirements.

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Reports, Data Visualization & Analytics

Don't just store data -- Leverage Data. Beyond reporting statistical data for funders, LegalServer allows agencies to synthesize, analyze, visualize and predict based on various sets of data routinely collected within the CMS.

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External Integration

LegalServer integrates the power of various applications used throughout the legal aid community into a single, unified system that quickly, securely and easily shares resources and data to more effectively deliver legal services.

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