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New York’s Legal Aid Community Embraces LegalServer

Helping Seniors with JASA

For the past fifty years, the Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA) has been serving aging New Yorkers, helping them remain in their communities throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens “with dignity and autonomy.” In 2017 alone, the organization helped over 43,000 seniors, 6,000 of which received counseling and case management, and 2,000 of which received legal assistance.

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By combining multiple data sources into one database, and setting up dedicated funder-specific auxiliary forms within their site, JASA administrators have simplified data entry for their staff, and eliminated duplicative data entry. And speaking of their staff, JASA’s workers were instrumental in getting their customized LegalServer implementation up and running, ensuring the software was tailored precisely to meet their unique needs.

Working Hard for Worker Justice

Also in the Empire State, the Worker Justice Center of New York (WJCNY) pursues justice for low-wage and agricultural workers who have been denied their human rights. With legal representation, community empowerment, and strong advocacy for institutional change, WJCNY is committed to improving the lives and working conditions of some of New York State’s most vulnerable workers.

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WJCNY tracks not only individuals they assist through their detailed intake forms and questionnaires, they also use the Outreaches module in LegalServer to track legal advocacy, site visits, and other non-client matters as well. With LegalServer, WJCNY also anticipates a major cutback in redundancies in their data collection and storage - saving unnecessary effort and allowing the organization to spend more time helping those in need.

New York State continues to be a national leader in using technology to deliver legal services to its most vulnerable populations. With dozens of legal aid agencies and public defenders using LegalServer throughout New York, we are grateful to play such an important role in improving access to justice for so many people throughout the state.

Headshot of IV Ashton.
IV Ashton, CEO & Founder