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Southern Legal Counsel Taps LegalServer for Case Management

Southern Legal Counsel (SLC) is a statewide not-for-profit public interest law firm located in Gainesville, Florida. SLC’s mission is to assist individuals and groups with public interest issues who otherwise would not have access to the justice system - and whose cases may bring about systemic reform.

Southern Legal Council logo.

The organization uses a range of strategies to achieve its goals, including litigation, policy advocacy, and training and technical assistance to lawyers, lay persons, and organizations. SLC’s legal services are aimed at:

  • Ending homelessness,
  • Improving children’s services,
  • Accessing healthcare,
  • Promoting LGBTQ equality,
  • Challenging discrimination, and
  • Protecting civil rights.

To handle its growing workload, SLC recently turned to LegalServer as its case management system. Several modules were customized to the organization’s needs, staff were trained up, and SLC went live with their new implementation in March 2019.

SLC uses LegalServer to manage individual and impact cases leveraging LegalServer’s Master and Subordinate case feature to work towards systemic impact in their area. SLC will also take advantage of the Referral Hub integration in LegalServer to partner with other Florida agencies to promote meaningful access to justice for all people, regardless of their economic or social condition.

master and subordinate cases screenshot.

Welcome to the LegalServer community, SLC!