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Coordinated Legal Aid Software for Statewide Networks

With 12 offices spread across the largest U.S. state, Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) assists clients who face a variety of civil legal issues including:

  • Consumer law,
  • Family law,
  • Housing problems,
  • Public benefits & healthcare, and
  • Alaska Native law.

Alaska Legal Services Corporation logo.

“We cover a service area greater than the states of Texas, California and Montana combined,” ALSC Administrative Director Danielle Blair explains. As a result, ALSC sought a unified case management system that would work for everyone - and found it in LegalServer.

It was important for us to not only find a case management system that responds to the unique needs of a legal aid organization but also allows our team to seamlessly communicate remotely and improve productivity. LegalServer has exceeded these needs.

Headshot of Danielle Blair.
Danielle Blair, Administrative Director
Alaska Legal Services Corporation

ALSC makes use of a variety of functionality in their new case management system, Blair says. “In the short-time that we have been on board, we have already seen improvements through the electronic verification of time module and reporting tools,” according to Blair.

Screenshot of LegalServer electronic verification of time.

“Our approach is further augmented with options for streamlining and tracking communications in a case by email, text, and external forms,” she concludes.

Across the Last Frontier, ALSC helps over 7,000 low-income Alaskans address civil legal problems each year. Now, they have a case management system that keeps up with their tireless efforts - and are well prepared for future challenges as well.