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LegalServer Feature

Disability Rights Case Management

Protection & Advocacy agencies (P&As) automate work and gain more data driven insights in providing advocacy services for people with disabilities.

LegalServer helps agencies who are focused on advancing the rights of people with disabilities in education, employment, housing, independence, health, and safety, leveraging a comprehensive system to manage and report on litigation, legal representation, advocacy services, investigations, public policy, and community outreach.

  • Configured to the way the agency desires operating
  • Easily update and modify the system internally with non-technical resources
  • Collect the data needed for associated reporting with ALL funders, not just NDRN
  • Gain much more than just a data collection system for reporting
  • Identify strengths and target areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate improved outcomes

Staff productivity has increased, as they can complete processes much faster than before. Running reports is so easy and fast with LegalServer.

Headshot of Anabel Prudencio.
Anabel Prudencio, Manager of Administration
Disability Rights Legal Center

Being able to work on the back end ourselves when we need to change something and customize or update our database ourselves saves time and gives us more autonomy over our process.

Headshot of Justin Reissman.
Justin Reissman, Outreach Paralegal
Disability Rights Legal Center