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Improved Legal Aid for New York City’s Low-Income Renters

In 1972, Housing Conservation Coordinators (HCC) was founded to combat the deteriorating housing conditions experienced by tenants in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood. Over the years, HCC has expanded and evolved to protect tenants in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood where landlords now target low-income residents in rent-protected buildings to take advantage of the skyrocketing value - and increasingly unlawful nature - of Manhattan real estate.

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NYC Housing Court’s Legal Representation Crisis

In New York City Housing Court, 99% of tenants are unrepresented, and often pressured into signing disadvantageous settlements in the busy hallways of housing court without even seeing a judge.

That’s where HCC steps in, providing free legal services to over 3,000 New York residents annually. Having a knowledgeable housing attorney is crucial for protecting tenants, preserving affordable housing, and building and maintaining strong communities.

LegalServer and HCC

HCC uses LegalServer prescreens to capture the many walk-ins, phone calls, and other inquiries they receive from neighborhood residents, allowing for better reports on the number of folks who benefit from their counsel and expertise every day. The clinics module in LegalServer lets HCC better organize both clients and staff to efficiently manage and allocate resources, optimizing the legal aid they provide.

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In addition to housing services, HCC’s legal representation includes immigration, benefits, elder law, and consumer debt - all efficiently managed via LegalServer. To learn more about how HCC is positively impacting their community, check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

If you’d like to see for yourself how LegalServer can streamline, organize, and automate your work to save you time, please contact us today.