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Riseboro Community Partnership Protects Brooklyn's Tenants with LegalServer

Apartment renters in Brooklyn, New York face many challenges these days. Housing prices are rising quickly - as is the temptation for landlords to unlawfully evict tenants, who are often unaware of their rights under the law.

The Legal Empowerment & Assistance Program (LEAP) at Riseboro Community Partnership is fighting against these trends with efforts to stabilize housing in the community.

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RiseBoro’s LEAP attorneys provide direct legal representation and advocacy for tenants who are at risk of eviction as a result of non-payment or holdover proceedings brought by their landlords. Their team also represents tenants in Housing Part actions, for tenants whose landlords fail to make necessary repairs to apartments in disrepair.

RiseBoro, LEAP, and LegalServer

Helping hundreds of residents each year requires a sophisticated approach to case management. LEAP is leveraging LegalServer’s customizable Prescreen and Intake processes to identify eligible clients and quickly match them with an advocate to provide appropriate legal services, which are aimed at preventing homelessness and displacement.

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RiseBoro went live with LegalServer in April 2019, and the LegalServer team looks forward to assisting the organization in its important legal work for many years to come.

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