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Legalserver Integrates Text Message Features

LegalServer successfully integrates Twilio, a cloud communication platform, to its suite of features, allowing agencies to send text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) directly from the case management system.

Screenshot showing how to set up an SMS in the LegalServer app.

Advocates have traditionally relied exclusively on mail, email, or phone message to communicate important information to their clients. With this new integration, advocates can send and receive text and multimedia messages directly to and from clients without leaving LegalServer. These messages are saved directly to the client’s electronic case file, providing a record of electronic correspondence for the advocate.

By relying on integration with Twilio, this new feature leverages the expertise of a dedicated text message platform with LegalServer’s familiar interface and powerful case management functions. This keeps the cost down, while combining the expertise of two platforms. “LegalServer believes nonprofit agencies should have access to new and innovative technologies, without breaking their budgets,” says IV Ashton, founder and president of LegalServer. “The integration of SMS and MMS capabilities into LegalServer’s existing platform will further enhance the case management for our customers.”

Twilio Logo.

Agencies using LegalServer are already planning and finding great uses for this feature. Clinic staff may find it helpful to remind participants of the clinic hours, or a change in a particular appointment. Attorneys involved in litigation may want to remind litigants of an upcoming deadline, or a court date, especially when the court date is pushed back. Support staff may find it useful to let all that day’s appointments know that the office is unexpectedly closed during a blizzard, or inclimate weather. Grant managers may want to know the long-term outcomes of closed cases, and could schedule a text during the closing process to be send out months later.

This feature took about 4 months to develop, and is in beta testing now. Currently, LegalServer only integrates with Twilio, and having a Twilio account is a prerequisite for turning on this feature. Like all features within LegalServer, this module is highly customizable, and our staff can talk through how best to implement this on your site. To discuss this feature in more detail, contact us.