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March 2017 LegalServer Roundup

Joining LegalServer

In February, Friends of Farmworkers and the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project went live with LegalServer. Both are based in Pennsylvania and are part of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network. Congratulations on all your hard work!

This month, we look forward to launching the Pennsylvania Community Justice Project, Center for NonProfit Legal Services, and Brooklyn Defender Services.

The Community Justice Project, a part of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, works to protect and expand the civil rights of poor families and low-wage workers.

The Center for NonProfit Legal Services provides civil legal assistance to low income and elder residents of Jackson County.

A lof of people on a podium at an award gala.

The civil practice of the Brooklyn Defender Services works to reduce the collateral consequences of low-income clients involved with the criminal, family or immigration justice systems.


This month we have added a dedicated office hour on Friday, March 3rd, and our first Tuesday Training March 7th to the LSC Justice Gap Data Collection. If you are LSC-funded and aren’t sure yet how you will collect this data, let’s have a group talk.

We will cover the life cycle of a case in LegalServer on March 14th, Introduction to running and building reports on March 21st, and our monthly open Q&A session for admins and report builders on March 28th.

For groups onboarding with LegalServer, our weekly onboarding office hours will be held each Monday. Our Onboarding Essential Features Tour will be held on March 10th and our admin training will be March 7th.

National Training!

We’ve opened registration for our in-person national training on May 2nd and 3rd in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Check the agenda and registration page.


Last month we saw four code releases on the LegalServer platform and closed 281 tickets. This work included some very complex and work on speed and accuracy of searches that involved detailed and lengthy testing by our entire team. We continued work in the wild world of .pdf data formats in official immigration forms, and added improvements in publications and pro bono packet generation. Event reminders should be working smoothly – check your configurations if you are seeing problems.

We also added a new feature to export most listview data to CSV.

CSV export icons screenshot.

Turns out even for communication with their lawyer, people like to use emoticons. SMS messages didn’t export well with emoticons in our previous Excel export tool, which was upgraded along with the new .csv feature. 😎

New on our Help Site

Looking for information on how something works in LegalServer? Last month had 7,500 page views from 863 users. And that’s with no cute cat videos (yet).

Other News

We welcomed a new developer to our team. Deanna is from Kentucky and likes to take pictures of wildflowers when she isn’t smashing (code) bugs.

Woman with camera in her hand looking down a narrow alleyway.