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Using LegalServer in a Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) Setting

Medical-Legal Partnerships across the country are using LegalServer to manage their cases. However, not all of these organizations are aware of all the features that apply to them.

To address this issue, LegalServer recently recorded a community call with several MLP clients to discuss the features that apply to Medical-Legal Partnerships, and to allow users to brainstorm new ideas for additional features. The session was very valuable for LegalServer administrators, MLP attorneys and paralegals, and anyone else who is involved in MLPs, including with grant writing and reporting. View the video call below.

The MLP community has always been extremely open and collaborative, sharing ideas and teaming up to identify solutions to challenges. This tradition continues with our work optimizing LegalServer for MLPs. The MLP Community Call was a great opportunity for MLPs around the country to compare notes on some of the really creative approaches they have taken to customizing LegalServer to suit their purposes.

Headshot of Mallory Curran.
Mallory Curran, Principal
Mallory Curran Consulting

How LegalServer Helps Medical-Legal Partnerships

Key LegalServer functions that apply specifically to MLPs include:

  • Recording referrals from healthcare partners, using Prescreens and Callbacks
  • Using branch logic to ask MLP questions during intake
  • Adding and updating MLP information during a case
  • Viewing MLP info on special MLP tabs in a Case Profile View
  • Collecting MLP information on case closure
  • Tracking MLP Consults & Referrals
  • Running reports with MLP-specific information

More Resources for MLPs

You can download a full configuration guide for Medical-Legal Partnerships from the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership.

Want to learn more about how LegalServer impacts Medical-Legal Partnerships? Contact us to setup a demo.