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LegalServer Feature

Non-Client Matters

Organizations can also manage non-case related work, or Outreaches, within LegalServer.

LegalServer has a built-in set of processes, forms, and a profile for maintaining outreach records. LegalServer also provides configuration tools that allow an agency to create its own dynamic processes, forms, and profile.

Manage outside activities such as outreach campaigns, training, lobbying or presentations. Track matters reporting codes or tasks such as brochures distributed. Track bulk referrals and run Outreach reports.

  • Dedicated Outreach Module
  • Presentations database
  • Bulk matters referrals
  • Matter reports

“We do a good deal of pro se work in group settings, and the Outreach module allows us to track this information more clearly.”

Headshot of Christy Sobolik.
Christy Sobolik
Engagement Coordinator, New Mexico Immigrant Law Center